14th Ave West - Road Extension


Snohomish County Public Works is proposing an extension of 14th Ave West to improve traffic flow and expand mobility for bicyclists and pedestrians. The 14th Ave West extension project will include a two lane road, bike lanes, planter strips and sidewalks. A new intersection will be constructed near the 21400 block of Locust Way. Construction is estimated to begin after 2020.


•2016-2020: Design, survey, environmental review, right-of-way acquisition and public involvement
•2020- 2022: Estimated construction (pending funding)


Funding for right-of-way acquisition and construction have not been secured yet. More Information on the right-of-way acquisition process can be found on our Before we Build Pamphlet.

Environmental Review

The county will complete an environmental review of the proposed project area in compliance with the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA).